The SSVOBB reaches its goals through several projects. Currently there are three running projects, each with their own goal and field of interest.

Lambach HLII ProjectLambach HLII at Lelystad airport

The HLII Project is the founding project of the SSVOBB. This historic aerobatic aircraft was built from the original 1937 design drawings and is now stationed at Lelystad Airport where it is viewed by no less than 150.000 visitors every year!

S-Vision Project

The S-Vision project is the new project of the SSVOBB. Development of this modern 2 seater Very Light Aircraft started in September 2010 and will be done entirely for and by students!

UAV Project

The UAV Project is the first year project of the SSVOBB. The project is meant for first year students in which they design an UAV model aircraft. This to introduce them into the foundation and give them a first insight in aircraft design and reporting.


S-Vision Impression Conceptual Design

Delft University of Technology