Frequently Asked Questions

Below, a series of frequently asked questions is presented. If you have another question or would like to receive more information, do not hesitate to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will answer your question as soon as possible.

What is SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft?

SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft is a student society at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of technology. The society has been founded to fill in the gap between the faculty and general aviation. I.e. unlike any other student society SSVOBB Lambach aircraft has as primary focus the field of general and historical aviation.

What are SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft's main goals?

SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft has as main goal to give its members practical experience in the field of general aviation.

What does SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft do to achieve their goals?

Our goals can be achieved in many ways, but SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft focuses on three different approaches. The first one is the Lambach HL-II project in which the society maintains the replica of a 1937 Aerobatics aircraft designed by Hugo Lambach. The replica was built by the founders of the society and still provides current members a good insight in historical aviation. The second activity, called the S-Vision project, introduces our members to the design of modern general aviation aircraft. In this project members design and build a new aircraft with the goal to be one of the fastest in the VLA class. Last, but certainly not least, SSVOBB Lambach aircraft maintains a lot of important contacts in the general aviation world. These contacts are maintained by visiting air shows, industry fairs, and general aviation companies.

Why join SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft?

SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft is a society that makes better engineers. Our members make numerous of contacts in the field of general aviation during their time with us. Also, they are able to convert their theoretical knowledge learned at the faculty into useful practical skills, much appreciated in their future careers. Finally by becoming part of an engineering team, members improve communication, management, and teamwork skills. 

Besides learning, members also enjoy the student life. Often the society goes for a drink in the city or arrange other evening activities. Reoccurring events are the Belgian Beer Drink Training, a variant on VSV’s Belgian Beer Drink and the “Bloed” competition in cooperation with EuroAvia.

Where to find SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft?

The society’s board room is at 1.06 at the faculty of aerospace engineering next to the board room of the VSV. Feel free to come by to ask for more information.

How to support SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft?

Since our society works with volunteers, we are continuously looking for support. This can be by providing financial support, parts, materials or working tools can be provided. The sharing of practical knowledge or the assistance in the production/design of certain aircraft parts is also highly appreciated.


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