The UAV-projec is a quite new, short-term project from SSVOBB Lambach Aircraft, which has been introduced in the academic year of 2011/2012. The project aims to introduce first year students of the Aerospace faculty at TU Delft into the society and teach them the basics of aircraft design. These goals are achieved in an exciting project in which the participants design, build and test a remote controlled UAV (= Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in small groups, completely from scratch.

As previously mentioned students will learn the basics of aircraft design and get a general overview of the different disciplines which are involved in this complicated process. Examples of the different disciplines involved within this project are: aerodynamics, structures and materials, power but also the manufacturing process. All this happens in, a for aircraft development standards, quick and interesting manner. After having designed the UAV’s are built by the students themselves in our own workshop. The culmination of this project is when the UAV’s are tested to see whether the requirements set at the beginning were met.

The project takes around 1 semester to complete, after which the students are fully integrated in the society and have gained sufficient knowledge to join the society’s two main projects: the Lambach HL II and the S-Vision.


Delft University of Technology